10/11/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Hey everybody, this is Victor Medina, and we’re back with another Five Fact Friday. Listen, before I get into the links for this week, I did want to mention that many times we’re asked whether we have any upcoming seminars for people to attend. And the answer for this video is yes. So if you’re interested in attending an upcoming seminar, we actually have two that are going on. They’re gonna be at Rider University, and the first one’s on October 21st, which is a Monday, around 6:30 p.m., and the second one is the next Tuesday, on October 29th, again at 6:30 p.m. So if you’re working, this is a perfect opportunity to come in and check out the latest information on what makes a great estate plan. Now, the seminars are absolutely, 100% free. We’ll probably be serving cookies and coffee, something similar to that. And you’re just gonna get great information. And everyone who attends is gonna have the opportunity to get a free copy of a book that I wrote called, “Make it Last: How to Get and Keep Your Legal Ducks in a Row.” So, everything around that should work out for you if you’re interested in coming and attending the seminar that’s gonna be coming up later in October. Now, onto the week’s links. So, for this week we’ve got five links, the way we do always. But the first one is actually near and dear to my heart. I actually sent my wife over to get TSA Pre Check because we have a flight that’s coming up in November and she’s actually traveling separate from me and we’ll arrive at the same spot. But I didn’t want her to wait in a line. I said, “You know, if you get TSA Pre Check, “it’ll help you speed through the line.” And so, she had to go and fill out a form and then go to a center in Ewing to be able to prove she is who she says that she is. Well, it turns out that the TSA is rolling out a pilot program starting in Baltimore, and maybe coming to an airport near you, where you can qualify for TSA Pre Check right on the spot. And so, read the link into that. See if it might work out for you if you’re interested in getting TSA Pre Check that way. Then the next link is a video that I came across that shows why the best work that you do might come in your latter life. So, that’s a great one to watch. And then, you know, more and more between social media and different accounts that we have, it’s important not only to have great passwords but be able to secure them and have them be different on every platform. One of the things that we recommend is that somebody has a different password for every banking institution and you don’t keep reusing the same one over and over again. Well how do you manage those? Well there’s two programs that we think are really good. One is called Last Pass and the other’s called One Password. Great thing about both of those programs is that they’re available on whatever platform you have, whether it’s a mobile device or a computer, and they sync across the Internet in a secure way. So that’s a good one to have there, as well. The final two links have to do with retirement. The first one is a new law that was passed that allows 401 plan sponsors to join together to offer different programs, so that might be better than a small employer that might not have access to the same programs in the same way. So it would be good to read up on that. But I would recommend that you work with a financial advisor to answer questions around it, because the products themselves that are being offered may or may not be in your best interest, and it’d great to have good advice on that, as well. And then, finally, in the retirement, you know, retirement products in and of themselves can get awful confusing and often misunderstood. One of the things that we pride ourselves here is that when we talk about a financial product, and how it fits into their platform, or the landscape for retirement, we try to be very transparent about the pluses and the minuses. We try to give everything a fair shake so we know really whether or not a product is in somebody’s best interest and whether or not it fits as part of their retirement plan. Remember, the most important thing that you have is the plan, not the paper, or the product. You need the plan in order to be able to navigate retirement successfully. So, will this product be good for you? I don’t know. But at least this article will help you understand what the different products are, why they might be misunderstood, and whether or not they would fit in your particular circumstance. So that’s Five Fact Friday for this week. As a reminder, we are hosting a series of seminars in October, October 21st and the 29th, at Rider University in Ewing, Lawrenceville area. And so, if you’re interested in attending, contact the office. Either reply to this email, forward this email to a friend, or somehow get in touch with us, because the seminar is free, but you do need to pre-register because space is limited. That’s it. Have a great weekend and we will catch you on the next Five Fact Friday. Bye bye.


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This Week’s Links:

Reading: http://bit.ly/2ov5Lf4
Watching: cnet.co/2nFmfRT
Home Screen: cnet.co/2nFmfRT
Legal: cnb.cx/2ov6yg2
Retirement: http://bit.ly/2nTvFcl

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