09/6/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Hey, everybody, this is Victor Medina with the Medina Law Group, Palante Wealth, and we’re back with another five fact Friday. And I’ve got a series of five links for you that I think are absolutely going to be wonderful. I think you should check them all out. The first link is a research that went on for about 60 months, to try to figure out whether or not in retirement, whether your personality and your life fundamentally change. You know, this is a big topic. We talk a lot on the radio show about how to prepare for retirement, and whether or not you can be somebody who’s happy there, and this research will actually tell you, whether or not, in retirement, you change as an individual. The next link is a really interesting project that’s going on in Livingston, New Jersey, and they’re trying to create an entire community for people with special needs. These are the most vulnerable of the folks that we have in our community, in our lifestyle. They’re the people that, when parents of special needs are worried about what happens to them, you know, they’re worried about where their children are gonna go and how they’re gonna be cared for, so it’s a really good article about some interesting work that’s being done. Then, the next link is usually about what’s on my home screen, but I’m gonna talk a little bit about something different, which is the rise of senior citizens getting involved with video games. And so, this is an article about a grandmother who spent some time with her grandson in and around video games. I think you should check that out. Next, there’s a link about legal, and specifically, the terminally ill act. You know, I can’t get this one straight. I mean, I can get it straight, but they keep changing the rules, so when I last spoke on my radio show, and even speaking with you, I said, you know, there’s this new terminally ill law that aid in assistance with dying in New Jersey, it was passed, but wait a second, it was halted by a judge, and now it’s back on again. So, hopefully, this isn’t the last that we’ll hear about this, as the appellate court has gone ahead and overruled the lower court, and said that the lower court basically didn’t demonstrate what form of irreparable harm there would be, because physicians weren’t compelled to assist people with dying. And so, there was no problem letting the law go on. They weren’t gonna be an injured group. If doctors didn’t want to do it, they didn’t have to participate in it. So that’s where the appellate court is, and hopefully we’ve settled this issue, because it really is a very serious set of tools that is available. There are people who object to the law being in place, but for those people who want to take advantage of it, they are needlessly suffering if the law is not available. So that’s gonna be something good for them. And then finally, the link on retirement is gonna deal with annuities, specifically, people’s reaction to that. People generally have a positive or a negative reaction. I’m kind of like Switzerland. I’m neutral. There are points in time where we think annuities are perfectly right, and I also think there’s a time that they’re completely wrong, and the real goal in helping people plan for retirement is to know which place they are at. And so, they want to have a recommendation. We want to give them a recommendation that tells them when it’s appropriate, and when they should be using them. In any event, the link that we have involved, included in here is going to talk about when they should be used. Now, finally, I want to let you know about some upcoming seminars that we’re gonna be hosting. We’re actually going to be hosting a series of dinner seminars for qualified people who want to come in and learn more about estate planning. Now, this is not available to the general public. You do need to contact us and see if you qualify, but if you’re interested in having a steak dinner on me, and learning more about estate planning, I urge you to call the office, and let them know that you heard about the steak dinner, and then, we’ll talk to you about when it is, and whether or not you qualify. You gotta go through a little interview for that first. So, if you’re interested in, or if you know of somebody that’s interested in it, please reach out to us. This is open, by the way, to some of our existing clients. So, if you are an existing client, and would like to attend, we’d like to have you as our guest as well, so why don’t you contact us on that, and they are coming up in the beginning of October. So, we look forward to seeing you, if you do qualify. Other than that, here we are, have you noticed the palm tree behind me? I am back. I’m back in the Orlando airport. This time I’m actually with the coaching group that I attend learning, and not teaching others, so I am actually here more for myself, than I am for other people. And I’m having a good time, but it was a little bit of a hairy experience. Dorian was just here, and so, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it. I wasn’t sure I was gonna be here. And, turns out, that the airport’s open. I made my flight. Quick turn around. I’ll be home Friday night, but you’re watching this on Friday. I’m just kind of recording it ahead of time. I don’t know what to tell ya. I’m gonna get my own hotel room. It’s gonna be engraved. It’s gonna say, “Victor Medina Suite,” when I come back in here. That’s it. Hope you have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you in a couple weeks on the next five fact Friday. Bye-bye.


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This Week’s Links:

Reading: http://bit.ly/2Pm9k4f
Watching: http://bit.ly/2NFJZ2F
Home Screen: nbcnews.to/34gpRdh
Legal: njersy.co/2Zp3O5C
Retirement: http://bit.ly/2L8bfVQ

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