08/23/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Everybody, this is Victor Medina from the Medina Law Group, and we’re back with another Five Fact Friday, and for the first time in about a month, I am not in the Orlando Airport. If you been watching the other Five Fact Fridays that we’ve sent out, you know that I’ve been traveling for work and I have traveled for pleasure, where I got to take my family to Disney World. There was about 14 of us, between my siblings, my parents, my family. And while it was a fantastic vacation and we really had a good time together, we encountered every kind of travel woe that you might imagine. My wife and my kids got delayed. They were supposed to meet me on a Wednesday, they didn’t get there til Friday. When we got back leaving home, leaving the airport in Orlando the next Wednesday, we got canceled and didn’t get out til Thursday morning. So I got to practice a lot of mindfulness and patience as the world dealt me a few things that I had to overcome to be able to enjoy Disney World with my family. It was fantastic and if you want any tips on how to plan a fantastic Disney World vacation, let me know, because I was able to keep 14 people relatively happy and serviced every kind of need, whether it was a one-year-old trying to visit characters or my 15-year-old wanting crazy roller coasters, everybody got a little bit of what they wanted and I got to see them enjoy it. So for the Five Fact Friday for this week, we’ve got five interesting links. The first one, the title of this sounds like it’s something a little weird, but it actually is rooted in something that has a little more scientific. So the question is, do old people smell? Well, it turns out that the Japanese actually have a word for how the elderly smell, and I’m gonna screw it up. I think it’s called kareishu. But whatever it is, there’s a link trying to figure out if there’s something specific to that smell. In any event, there’s that link. Just as quickly, I don’t know if you caught the viral meme that went around around taxes and the young kid playing Monopoly, but there’s a link in there, he is not happy about the taxes in Monopoly. I want you to click on that and check it out. The next one, on my home screen, there is actually an app, a Canadian app, that will scan your face and give you a full fitness checkup. Do you have a particular look? Do you look stressed? Well it turns out that this might be able to let you know how stressed you are just by scanning your face. And then the two quick links at the end for legal and retirement. You might have heard that in the last couple of Five Fact Fridays, I talked about a new law in New Jersey that was assisting terminally ill individuals with ending their own life. And there was a law that came in and we talked about those certain rules in there. You had to ask for the medication two different times, you needed to be competent in your own ability to make that request. Well, it turns out that a judge has blocked that. And so I’m gonna give you a link to the fact that we are now not underneath that law until we figure out what we’re gonna be doing with it. So we’ve gotta resolve the court case in that. And the last one talks about the differences in men and women in planning for retirement. I thought this was a really good link, because we’re on the eve of me publishing my fourth book, and I’m gonna give you plenty of information when that comes up, especially when we’re gonna have our book launch, about empowering women in retirement. So let’s start the discussion with the link that we have there and then we’ll be able to continue with the book launch that’s coming up. Hope everything’s going well on your end. Love to hear back from you, especially if you’ve had a Disney World trip and you’d like to share your travel experiences, as well. Enjoy the links for this Five Fact Friday, and we’ll catch you in a couple of weeks. Bye-bye.


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This Week’s Links:

Reading: nyti.ms/304b6rL
Watching: http://bit.ly/2H8ZDiZ
Home Screen: http://bit.ly/2KHb6XW
Legal: http://bit.ly/320T7Tk
Retirement: yhoo.it/2z2Egvy

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