08/09/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Everybody, it’s Victor Medina with the Medina Law Group and we’re back with another Five Fact Friday and guess what? I’m back at the Orlando Airport. And this time I’m actually here for a combination of work and pleasure. So I told you last time that one of the things that I do is I help coach other attorneys that have great practices and great lives. When I was here a couple weeks ago, I was training an advanced level group. We were doing the clean office solution and why they wanna have a clean office and talking to them about different leadership styles. This group is entirely different. This group is 30 attorneys that are just getting started with understanding how to work their practice in a way that best serves their clients. So they’re at the beginning stages of it and we’re just talking about things like how to develop referral sources and just basic level stuff so it was great. There were 30 of them. I got an opportunity to see what we like to call baby lawyers who are starting out on it and give them an opportunity to see a path to grow. But, in addition to that, at the end of the session that I was teaching, I’m waiting for my family to arrive. So I’m actually recording this ahead of time so you’re seeing this on Friday, but I’m actually recording it on Wednesday. And what I’m doing is I’m waiting for my family to arrive at the airport. So my mom’s gonna arrive at 12 noon. I’m gonna welcome her with a little sign when she comes in, welcome to Orlando. And then my family, my wife and kids, show up around five o’clock or so. And then we’re gonna head over to Disney. There are 14 of us that are all part of the same family that are gonna be going and touring together for the next week or so. I’m really excited. I’m a little bit nervous about the heat and the lines, but I’m coming in with a great attitude and I’m looking forward to do that. So the five links for this week. The first one has to do with Endgame. Endgame ended up passing Avatar as the highest grossing movie in parts to a rerelease. So I included a link about that. And then sort of in keeping with the theme of this being the kid’s version of Five Fact Friday, I have a link about Fortnite and Fortnite’s a game. If you don’t know what it is, your grandkids do know what it is. Somebody just made I think maybe $13 million winning a tournament for that. And then after that, there’s another link dealing with the New Jersey Terminally Ill law that was just passed as something that was a new law. And in fact, I’m really interested to see how this is going to roll out. So New Jersey is the next state that has approved a set of rules for somebody who is a terminally ill patient to end their own life. And there are some specifics about it. For instance, you have to be within six months of your life expectancy, your terminal illness. You have to request it different times and in different ways in terms of the end of life medication. And so this is something that we’re looking to see how it’s gonna get rolled out. Some clients have asked me, by the way, does this affect my estate planning? Does it have to change my advanced healthcare directive? And the quick answers is no. Your healthcare directive is a document for when you become incapacitated and you are incapable of requesting the medication to end your life once you become incapacitated. So they are mutually exclusive. You’re gonna need to know about both of those, but you don’t have to change anything about your planning. And then, we have the retirement link that talks about volunteering. And one of the things that I talked to this group of baby lawyers about is your contribution and how their contribution is gonna define their ability to have a great life. More and more people in retirement are looking at ways to volunteer as ways to give back and ways to really deepen and richen their lives and specifically their retirement experience. So that’s a link. And then finally the last one that I skipped over was the Apollo 11 landing. So we celebrated the 50th anniversary of that. I don’t know if you caught it on TV, but they were rebroadcasting what some of the main stations were doing all day long on the Apollo 11 moon landing. But we’ve got some links on that as well. So, wish me good luck at Disney for a week with 14 people and 90 plus degree heat and weather and lines and all that kinda stuff. I’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic. Can’t wait to share stories with you about what living through that experience is like. I’m on my mindfulness exercise. I’m letting things go. I am gonna be really calm during all of it, even when the heat is beating down on this poor head. All right, that’s it for Five Fact Friday. Thanks for watching. We’ll catch ya in a couple weeks. Bye bye.


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This Week’s Links:

Reading: http://bit.ly/2GCmQdc
Watching: cbsn.ws/2YqwYMc
Home Screen: http://bit.ly/2ypO3vc
Legal: cnn.it/2GIaaS8
Retirement: http://bit.ly/313rZTo

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