07/12/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Hey Everybody it’s Victor Medina with another Five Fact Friday and we’re back.

You know we took a break for a little while, largely because we had some change over in our marketing department and as you might expect, what it takes to put on this firm and help all of our clients and even do things like these kinds of marketing videos and sending out these messages, takes an entire team behind me. So when we have a change over in one of those positions, something has to take a back seat and it’s always more important for me to do client work than it is to shoot these videos and make sure they go out. So we had to put it on the shelf for a little while. But we are back and I’m really excited because the new person that’s inside of our marketing department, she’s young. She just got out of college, which means she knows all about that Facegram and Instabook and Snap-whatever, and I’m kidding. I’ve got a 15 year old. I know all about those even if he hides his accounts from me. In any event we’re also expanding the capacity of the firm so that we can bring on more families and help more people. And you know the summer time’s actually a great time to begin this planning. It’s a little slow for us which means that we’ve got the capacity to turn things around in a fast manner, and you know it’s something on that to-do list that you might have started way back in January and you know it’s something that you need to get done. So either you or somebody that you know if you’ve been concerned about long term care planning, or they wanna make sure that they’re retirement is set up just the way that they need it. Now’s a perfect time for them to reach out to us and start the conversation about how we can help with their planning. And we’d be able to get that done before the summer hits. We’re doing a bunch of things here in the office because we moved but there’s still work that needs to be done and one of the things that we’ve gotten really lucky on is the installation of some air conditioning so central air. Because the reason why we got lucky is it hasn’t been super hot summer. We’ve gotten away with not having full central AC. But that’s fixed now and bring on the heat ’cause we’re ready for all of that fun stuff. In any event, I wanted to give you the five links for this week. We’ve got some great ones on there. The first link that I wanted to share with you, something that I’m reading is about the benefit of self-care. I’ve been really interested in how we can help ourselves with all of the things that we do with exercise or mental preparation, and the way that we can really expand our happiness. And so we’ve got a couple of links, one of these two things together, the first one’s on self-care. The other one is a video that talks about the benefits of exercising including the benefits of power vacuuming. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse about why you wanted to get that cleaning done and why it was so important to do it so energetically, this video will help. In addition, you know that I am a Mac guy but I do follow all of the tech news across the spectrum, and there’s something interesting that’s come out which is that Google’s gotten away from the tablet world, and is focusing exclusively on laptops. I’m interested to see how this all works out because as that’s happening, Apple has doubled down on the new software that they’re putting together for the iPad. So if you have one of the more recent iPads, you should be looking forward to a new update to the software, coming up probably in this fall. I’ve been demoing it on the developer side. It’s really not ready for prime time, so it’s a good thing you don’t have it on your machine yet. But it’s exciting the way it helps you use this tablet, almost like a laptop replacement. We’ll see who’s gonna win on that war. Whether it’s gonna be Google or Apple. Money’s on Apple as you already know. And then last two links have to do with estate planning and with retirement planning. And estate planning world, the link is really about how honesty’s the best policy and in my practice, in my experience, I found this to be the case because the more people share information with their family members, the more forthright they are about their planning, the better the planning goes when they need it. With they, if they become incapacitated or when they pass away. So I think it’s important to share this information across the board and I do know that it’d be something that’s hard for people to overcome this sort of secretive thing about what’s doing in their planning. It’s not something that people really wanna face. We hope that when the way that we do our planning, how open we are about everything and in really how we feel like communicating this stuff, far and wide really gets the best result. We’re hoping that we help a lot more client overcome sort of that initial barrier. And then finally with retirement planning, we’re at the summer and this link that I include talks about how summer vacation and retirement are the same. So if you wanna know more, you should click on the link. Anyway we’re back with Five Fact Friday. I hope you enjoy this video. Certainly, if you found it valuable, share it with a friend. Get them on our email list so that they can get this every couple of weeks. And enjoy the five links, and then finally, as I said, we’ve got capacity. We’re open for new clients. So if you have somebody that you know that might more benefit by doing some asset protection planning because they’re concerned with the cost of long term care, or just wants to make sure that they’ve got their ducks in a row, have them reach out to us. The number’s 609 818 0068, and they can schedule a complimentary consultation. That’s it. We’ll catch you in a couple of weeks. Bye bye.


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This week’s links:

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What I’m Watching: http://bit.ly/2x9FYdl
What’s On My Home Screen: http://bit.ly/2ZK4Moq
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