02/14/2020 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Everybody, it’s Victor Medina, and we’re back with another Five Fact Friday, and it is Valentine’s Day. So, love is in the air, and gentleman, if you have forgotten that today was Valentine’s Day and I’m the person reminding you about it, then I’ve got two pieces of information for you. First, it’s not too late, so you can thank me for that. Second, if you’ve gotten, you still haven’t gotten any chocolates or flowers yet, you’re gonna pay an arm and a leg. They’ve just been waiting for you to forget for today. So you’re gonna rush down there and ask for flowers, and they’re gonna be laughing at you. But, you should still go do it because today’s Valentine’s Day, so get it done. Listen, we’re gonna get to the facts for this week and the links that are related to them. But, before I do, I wanna let you know about a couple of upcoming seminars that we have next week. Now, space is filling up, but we are hosting a lunch at Seasons 52 on each of Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at noon. And we’re gonna be talking about wills, trusts and taxes. So if this is a topic that you would find interesting or if you have a friend that you think might be interested in attending, I urge you to either forward this email or video to them and ask them to contact our office so that we can reserve them a space. ‘Cause as I said, it’s just coming up next Tuesday and Wednesday, so we do have space, we have a little bit of space there. We are a little bit limited as well, so you may wanna jump all over that when you get a chance and if you’re interested. Again, Tuesday, Wednesday, Seasons 52 on Route 1 in Princeton, New Jersey. Now listen, I wanna get to the facts for this week, and we’re gonna begin with one related to Valentine’s Day. So you may not know that the first Valentine, at least one of the ones first thought recorded, was back in medieval times, and we wanted to include a link about a little bit of a history around Valentine’s Day because we thought that that might be interesting for you. Second link, well, February is Black History Month, and we found a great video talking about the real story around Rosa Parks and why it’s important not to have myths around black history. So you might enjoy that link. Next, if you’ve got grandkids, you might want to ask them about TikTok. Now, TikTok is a whole new platform where people are recording these small little videos, but here’s the link that I’ve got, which I think is fantastic. We have our grannies and boomers, stars of TikTok, because it is something that the older generation is taking advantage of. You know, I still remember when we started getting out with videos like this and Facebook and Instagram, people would say to us, why are you doing that? That’s for young people. And I said, no, no, you don’t understand. It was for young people. Now, our parents and our grandparents are there. So the reason why we do videos like this and they’re on Facebook and we’re on YouTube is because that’s where you’re at, as well. So if you want to be super hip to your grandkids, learn a little bit more about TikTok, get onto the platform and start recording your own. And then we’ve got two more links for you. One in the area of legal and one in the area of retirement and financial planning. Now, they are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Let me handle the legal one first. We found a link about the implementation of an aid in dying or a terminal illness aid law that was already existing in Colorado. You may remember that New Jersey passed its version of that, and there have been numerous challenges to that. Now, most of the time the challenges come from faith-based organizations that see the laws a violation of some of their principles. What happened in Colorado, though, is somebody tried to use the law and there were a number of different obstacles that were put in the way. So if you are concerned about how that would be implemented in New Jersey and what kind of challenges it might face, this would be a great link for you to read through. Now, the last one, I hope to end on a happy note, ’cause the terminally ill one, that’s not so happy. But this one’s much better. In retirement, you know, a lot of people think about what they’re gonna be doing in retirement in the context of where they’re gonna be living. Like they’ll think they’re gonna downsize at some point in time, they think they’re gonna move into a 55 and older community. Well, have you ever thought about living on a cruise ship? So we found a link talking about a growing number of retirees whose permanent home is essentially a cruise ship. And turns out that they can live there for about fifty dollars a day on the lower end providers, but that’s not too bad in terms of the cost that it would take to live from day-to-day, even in retirement. Now it for sure, the people that live on a cruise ship are the smallest percentages, but next time if you take a cruise and you feel like you keep seeing the same people over and over again every time you take a cruise, it might not be your imagination. You might be meeting and visiting with the permanent residents of that cruise ship. So I think that’s a great link and you might wanna read through that as well. So look, to recap, seminars, next Tuesday and Wednesday if you’re interested. Lunch at Seasons 52. Lunch is on me. We’re gonna be talking about wills, trust and taxes, but space is limited, so if you’d like to attend, please reach out to us as soon as you get this email. Or, forward it to somebody and advise them that they should be reaching out to us A-S-A-P. And then lastly, it is Valentine’s Day, so stop playing this, go to the florist, pay sixty dollars for four roses and get it out of the way, because you know, it’s on you anyway. You don’t pay attention for the rest of the year. This is the one day that you should pay attention to. All right, have a wonderful week and we’ll catch you in a couple of weeks. Buh-bye.


Five Fact Friday is a bi-weekly newsletter produced by Medina Law Group containing 5 interesting or fun links. For more information, visit medinalawgroup.com or call (609) 818-0068.

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